Finding a new home is a life changing event that can be a very pleasant experience when you have the help of a skilled

realty team.

Greenkat Realty’s specialists are all long term residents of the area. We will help you review the options until you’ve found the precise living situation that fits your needs and lifestyle. The area offers full community access to first class public and private schools, restaurants to suit every budget and ethnic preference, public parks, hiking trails and outdoor spaces with magnificent waterfront views.

Bergen County venues offer year round events and all towns are minutes from Manhattan’s centers of culture and entertainment via public or private transportation.

Whether you’re a single, couple or a family, let Greenkat show you the way.

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Kathy Dorfman, Owner / Associate Realtor


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Admiral’s Walk, Edgewater, NJ


Admiral’s Walk, Edgewater, NJ


Rt. 4, Englewood, NJ


Admiral’s Walk, Edgewater, NJ

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